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Promotional Stuff Printing

Carbon Calculators

UK Gov't.

Pawprints app - or the web-based version:

Warmd mobile ccalc app:

Islington Council citizens' pledge


Another WWF:

Quite detailed:

How bad are bananas from Mike Berners-Lee:

Dutch one (in English)

One of the originals:

In French: and

Bank account-based: Joro - links to your bank account & takes money to offset the other transactions!

Bank account-based:

Swedish bank account-based: Sweden's Klara bank offers to keep track of your carbon footprint

Food only:

Food only:

Google Doc list of more calculators from - maybe we should copy this in case it gets removed -

Climate Fresk's list of carbon calculators:

2Tonnes calculator (French)

Zurich - a Swiss approach to calculating people's energy use:

Flights -

Google Worksheets plugin -

Databases of CO2 Emissions Data

Sustainability & Lifestyle Motivators

UN's app:

Things to do from bFoundry Gather in Stockwell:

Family, children, lower impact:

Imperial College's Grantham Institute:

Actions against ocean plastic:

Action for Happiness - 10 keys to leading a better life, including being green

10 Easy Ways to Save the Climate - from 2016 but still relevant

Hubbub - find the ideal eco-action for your character:

Find an eco-project to join / support:


We don't have time


Info & Courses for companies

Centre for Alternative Technology - carbon calculators and ecological footprints

Council rankings:

World in Data UK page

Average footprint of people where you live:

CREDS, Oxford study shows best way to reduce carbon footprint (2020)

For data nerds & research:

See this forum thread for more detailed sources

Similar Organisations international? - Caledonian Road area - Islington Environmental Emergency Alliance - somewhere to meet or even have office space - consultants in Hackney

Carbon Footprint Labels

Doconomy are putting carbon labels on everything

5 Top Articles on Carbon Counting

  1. What a carbon footprint actually is
  2. Food is the worst place to start counting carbon - but it can be done:
  3. Your hypocrisy is not a moral dilemma as long as you are trying - unless you are a politician:
  4. Travel carbon footprint
  5. Eco-anxiety is real: how to know whether you’re suffering from it, plus how to act